Our Team

Executive Team

Pam East

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Watkins

Chief Executive Officer

Lori Gulledge

Chief Financial Officer

Board Member

Ronald Pickett


Catherine Wynne


Denise Myers


Mark Stavros, M.D.


Brian Tesnar, Ph. D.


Scott Clemons


Gerald Waters


Bambi Smith


Reggie Johns


Elizabeth Holifield, Ph. D.


Linda Nelson

Immediate Past President

Pauline Patrick


Cathy Harcus

Vice President

Kathy Milton


Jeffrey Pic



Delbra Percy

Executive Assistant

Tracie Moorer

Housing Coordination Specialist C1

Chris Meadows

Director of Contract Administration

Joseph Jefferies

Intake/Placement Specialist

Kathy Holiday

Fiscal Assistant

Amy Hand

Well-Being Specialist

Ty Gulledge

Records Clerk

Taylor Googe

Care Coordination Specialist

Todd Gainey

Accounting Specialist

John Fair

Intake/Placement Assistant

Austin Cooksey

Records Specialist

Jhaismen Collins

Training Specialist

James Carter

Payroll Accounting Specialist

Jeanine Atherton

Care Coordination Specialist

John Sablan

Intake/Placement Specialist

Jeremy Smith

Financial Analyst

Julia Walls

Accounts Payable

Amanda Wilke

Housing Coordination Specialist C2

Andrea Ziglar

Well-Being Specialist

Blair Wulfekuhl

Intake/Placement/Utilization Management Supervisor

Katie Zimpfer

Operations Manager Circuit 14

Jennifer Warren

Quality Assurance Specialist

Felicia Wilhelmy

Managing Entity Contract Manager

Tiny Wiliams

Human Resources/Account Specialist Supervisor

Ann Wing

ME Network Coordinator C14

Chad Sedam, Ph. D., CRC

Utilization Management Specialist

Jennifer Sikes

Training Supervisor

Quantara Smith-Williams

Managing Entity Quality Assurance Specialist

Zachary Summerlin

Network Coordinator C2

Tenille Taylor

Quality Parenting Specialist C2

Kristyn Robinson

Training Specialist

Sharis Robinson

Intake Placement Supervisor

Darlene Rock

Eligibility Vouchering Director

Judy Porter

Quality Assurance Specialist

Erika Puckett

Network Provider Specialist

Gordy Pyper

Intake/Placement/Utilization Management Director

Kervin Rene’

Information Technology Coordinator

Amia Nunn

Eligibility Specialist

Ruth Oliver

Data Systems Training Coordinator

Margaret Petronio

Child Welfare Contract Manager

Chris Peyton

ME Data Specialist

Patrick McRae

Quality Assurance Specialist

Rene’ Merced

Eligibility Specialist

Shelley Miller

Vouchering Specialist/Administrative Assistant

Darci Lolley

Performance, Quality & Accreditation Manager

Jacqueline Luke

ME Contract Coordinator

Connie Lyda

Communications Director

Joe Jeffries

Intake/Placement Specialist

Rae Kerr

Finance & Accounting Director

Amanda Lacey

Accounting Specialist II

Alaina Gilpin

Intake/Placement Specialist

Jackie Ledbetter

Data Systems Training Coordinator

Rachael Hines

Child Welfare Contract Coordinator

Tara Hudson

Housing Coordination Specialist

Lafashia Jackson

Office Manager

Roshannon Jackson

Operations Manager Circuit 2

Shevanda Haywood

Adoptions Eligibility Specialist

Jamie Henderson

Eligibility Assistant and Diligent Search Data Clerk

Ralph Haben

General Counsel

Roderick Harris

ME Data Administrator

Janice George

ME Network Coordinator C1

Steve Girton

Intake/Placement Specialist

Elliott Glass

Intake/Placement Specialist

Kathy Donofro

Permanency Specialist

Tom Doyle

Child Welfare Data Specialist

Jeanne Durden

Foster Home Licensing Specialist

Samone Franklin

Intake/Placement Specialist

Marcia Croom

Intake/Placement Specialist

David Daniels

ME Operations Manager

Angela Davis

Accounting Specialist II

Rachel Bassett

Early Childhood Court Community Coordinator

Cori Bauserman

Child Welfare Integration Director

Torris Bethea

Data Integrity Manager

Gilbert Allen

Intake/Placement Specialist

Lisa Aufdencamp

Care Coordination Specialist C14

Mary Helen Barnes

Quality Parenting Specialist C14