Foster Family Support

At Big Bend Community Based Care, we believe that foster parents are the front line of supporting children and healing families.  Foster parents are respected and valued members of a child’s care team.  We train, equip, and support our families caring for foster children in our community.  And we would love for you to become a valued part of that team!

Foster parents provide a home for a child whose family is in crisis.  The goal for children in foster care is for them to be reunited with their family when it is safe to do so. Foster children have unique needs, and our goal is to equip families who will nurture our children to heal and thrive. 

Contact Information

Big Bend Foster Family Support Team: 850-591-1923 or 

Calyn Stringer: Foster Family Support Specialist,, 850-264-6713

Emily Pritchard:  Foster Family Support Specialist,, 941-380-6060

Kelsey Barker: Foster Family Support Specialist,, 850-508-6591

Rosemary Farrell: Foster Family Support Specialist,, 850-509-0565

Molly Clore: Foster Family Support Supervisor,, 850-591-1923


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